Walls For Christ

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Advancement of God's Kingdom

Back Up or Left Out?
1 Samuel 29:1-7; 30:1-8

Have you ever been in a position where you were willing to back up someone,
only to be left out in the final analysis?

Each of us at some point in time has tried to pick and choose our battles.
We use reason and logic in an attempt to justify why we should fight at this particular place,
at this particular time, against this particular person and or people.
We're even willing to join league with our adversaries for a moment,
if it means defending our position or defending our rights to fight.
Never mind that we didn't get along before,
I need you to help me prove a point.
So for right now, let's at least make it look good that I might profit in the eyes of men...
rather than the eyes of God.

And while we're hobnobbing with those we think can elevate us, promote us or gratify us,
the true enemies of our souls are robbing us of our most cherished possessions!
No, not our dignity, not our pride,
but rather our faith and trust in God.

It leaves us vulnerable.
It leaves us unprotected from the wiles of the enemy.
And only God can restore once the enemy has invaded.
He knows the thief and He knows where he's at.

What's robbing most is not so much that they have an adversary,
but rather choosing to be somewhere God is not;
and not being able to discern the difference.

It wasn't 'til David was shunned by the enemy, separated from his family,
stripped of his spoils, and almost stoned by his men before he asked for the ephod
and began to seek God.

How much are you willing to lose to make your point, instead of God's?
How many battles have you fought or attempted to fight where God wasn't in it?
What have you left behind that's essential in your life, in order to get ahead?

Isn't it interesting how lack can sometimes bring a sobering affect to one's pride.
Isn't it interesting how loneliness can sometimes bring a silence to one's presumption.

But we serve a God of restoration.

"..David recovered all." 1 Samuel 30:19

There's a process already in motion.There's a plan already provided.
There's a promise already performed.
And the honorable thing to do is submit to the order of God.

It leads to life; it leads to liberty; and it leads to the pursuit of godliness.

Recovery is not an idle summation of the situation,
but rather an accurate accounting of the appropriations of God.
Pursue God, and all these things shall be added unto you.

"So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together... for the people had a mind to work."   Nehemiah 4:6
"So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together... for the people had a mind to work."   Nehemiah 4:6